Learning to Love your Spouse


Marriage is sacred and it is something that God Himself initiated, we need to enetr into it prepared to go through it all the way. It is a covenant and not just anything else. So whomever we choose to marry, we must learn to love them just as they are. Christ loved us just the way we were, and he began working in us, showing us how to walk, talk and behave .. same way in marriage .. we ought to learn together.
Are you planning to be married for a long time? If so, you need to understand something. That goofy feeling you have when you’re first “in love” won’t last forever. It might last months, a year or maybe less but it won’t last forever.

When it’s gone – what do you have – a couple of people wondering if you’re still in love? Love is a commitment, not a feeling. Love for your spouse comes from taking positive action toward him/her. Think about it…..

People tend to love those things they “invest” in. For example, the man who spends hours a day working on his “beloved” car begins to fall in love with that car and the woman who meticulously nurtures her flower garden sort of falls in love with it. It sort of works the same way in a long term marriage.

You’ll need to learn how to love each other and the best place to start is by “investing” in him/her. Look for things you can do for your spouse – things you feel good about doing and things he/she will appreciate you doing. Give it a long term try and enjoy the results.

E Lawrence Welch


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