Decision making


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Decision Making

Should I or Should I not,to do or not to do,to go or not to go?These are the questions that we ask ourselves almost every minute of our lives.Even before you go halfway in this article,you would have asked yourself at least a similar question.Doesnt it at times feel like our lives are made up of these seemingly difficult questions to answer?Hard though as they may,we are required to have answers to them.Many a times it looks like our entry or exit from one phase of our lives to the other entirely depends on the manner in which we answer these questions.

We can therfore safely agree that life is full of choices.There is an old saying that say,Life is what you make it, so the big question would be,how do I make my life? Could it be possible that the answers, choices and decisions we make play a major part in where we find ourselves to be in our lives.If choices and decisions are that important how then are we a the christian youth expected to make the right decisions in this world full of many things?Is ther a formula or way to guide us to make the right moves that will take us to the destinies that Jehovah God intended for us?


There is a four-step approach that you can use to help you make decisions.This is not to be seen as the ultimate solution but as a helpful tip on how to handle all that comes our way.

All you have to do is to remember FFDR..

This acronym stands for:

Facts: A truth that doesn’t change and is always right.

Feeling: An emotion, a sensation,or a mood which changes and is not always right.

Decision: A choice,pronouncement or judgement derived at

Result: A consequence, outcome or a product of.                   

So let’s go ah

Having defined these words, let us look at how they function together.The results we get depend on the decision we make which we either base on facts or feelings.So how do we try and assure ourselves that we get the good results that we all want so much? In order to get good results,one should base decisions on facts all the time, as it is clear that the truth never changes and si always right.(You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free). This is not to say that feelings in themselves are wrong coz they are one of the greatest gifts that God gave us.When engulfed by a feeling, consult the facts sorrounding that situation first. If the two agree, then go ahead with what you are feeling.

As christians,our unchanging truth( facts), come from the word of God.Therefore it is important to read and know the word so as to apply it.Ther are many great heroes in the Bible who achieved their greatness by not following their feelings but abiding by the truth:

-Joseph in Potiphar’s house

-Esther in a foreign land

-Daniel in the King’s palace

-Shad,Mesh and Abed before the Idol

-Jesus at the garden of Gethsemane

The above mentioned had one thing in common,they understood that they had a destiny set for them by God but the achievement of the destinies was to be determined by their pursuit of facts.
It is not always that the facts give us immediate joy but be rest assured,to get to our destiny we need to make hard decisions.Right now you may find yourself in a place in your life that you have results so bad and your life is not what God wants it to be.It’s not over we serve a God of numerous chances.The greatest decision one can ever take is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour.Decide to love Him and read His Truth Manual(Bible) and base all your life decisions on His Word.  

Remember,to get good Results,you must base your decisions on facts and always check your feelings against the facts.Life is too short to be spent crying about all the mistakes that we make. 


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  2. life is formed by decision. says:

    God bless you.

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