Phindukhulume moya oyingcwele (Speak again Holy Spirit )

Phindukhulume Nkosi yam (Speak again my Lord )

Phindukhulume moya oyingcwele (Speak again Holy Spirit )

Phindukhulume Nkosi yam (Speak again my Lord )

Ngoba zonkízono ebengizenza (Because all the sins i have done )

Namhla zisobala ebusweni bakho (Have been cleared from your face today )

Phindukhulume moya oyingcwele (Speak again Holy Spirit )

Phindukhulume Nkosi yam (Speak again my Lord )

Phindukhulume Thixo ndimamele (Speak again my Lord am listening )

Phindukhulume Nkosi yami (Speak again my Lord )

Phindukhulume Thixo ndimamele  (Speak again my Lord am listening )

Phindukhulume Nkosi yami (Speak again my Lord )


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Born when no one expected but God alone. Raised by God, walked this
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147 Responses to PHINDUKULUME

  1. valdie says:

    I had looked for this translation like forever; Thank God to my beloved aunt in South Africa (Mary). May God Bless you.

    Love you always

  2. Eden says:

    I am thankful for this translation, I am so touched and blessed by this song but could not understand the literal translation

    May God truly bless

  3. Simba says:

    Thanks a lot hey. I have been looking for the lyrics and translation of this song for over a year now. Thank u so much…

  4. Sue-Eve says:

    Thank u very much. Am blessed. Looked for this translation for so long bless u

  5. Kim says:

    Beutiful song

  6. MUGISHA Alphonse says:

    Thank you for this song joyous celebration,i am Rwandan and i am blessed to be your fan am saved ,christian born again.

  7. paa kyerematen says:

    Thanks for the translation but I thought we’d get the translation for’ khuluma khuluma khuluma nkosi yam’ as well.

  8. caroline nkala says:

    Im so much blessed by this song where can i get the dvd or cd.please i am im south africa.

  9. caroline nkala says:

    Im so much blessed by this song where can i get the dvd or cd.please i am in south africa.

  10. buekie says:

    oh gracious Father, getting the lyrics and translation of this song is an awsome gift than i cant just measure. God richly bless u.

  11. gugu says:

    i so love this song patric you the most male singer your voice touches me everytime i listen to this song keep it up with your good work all my love to you and your joyous family

  12. SAMUEL says:


  13. Sarah says:

    i just love this song. God bless you

  14. emelia says:

    The first time i heard this song i had goosebumps all over my body and i loved it very much but could not sing am soo happy for this translation i have found.

  15. Michael says:

    God bless the song writer. This song carries so much power that inspires and draws me much closer to God.

  16. mike says:

    I don’t think that’s all. Can some one complete it please?

  17. sarah iheme says:

    thank you very much. This song touched my life so much that it healed my spirit. I’m blessed.

  18. Tochipeace says:

    The meaning of this song gives me boldness and courage to sing. Living as christian without hearing the voice of the holy spirit is living in hell and frustration. The purpose of the holy spirit is to guide and direct our path. just a word from the lord will turn our lives around and give it a meaning.

  19. Robert Gabriel says:

    Am so blessed with this song am in Kenya

  20. theresa says:

    am fully blez when i hear the lyrics speak to me lord mennn i fell God has already spoken

  21. Frank Gilberts says:

    God bless all the singers in this song. Amen


  23. i thank God for this blog because i have been looking for the lyrics of phindukulume for some months now. thank God i have it now……

  24. God bless you for this piece.

  25. Dolapo Matthew says:

    I’m transformed by this song.. Speak lord, because al d sins i’ve done as been cleared from thy face..

  26. 'Femi Joseph says:

    Every time I listen to this song, i feel inspired even though i dont understand what they say. I intend to teach my choir here in Nigeria. Can you really get me the lyrics of the other part “Khuluma, Khuluma, Khuluma Nkosi Yam”.

    God bless u Patric and d JC group.

  27. Matilda Praise says:

    This song has just helped me to understand into details the working of the Holy Spirit,cos though l did not understand the language l feel the atmosphere change anytime l listen to this song,thats the reason why l decided to search for its meaning,now anytime l listen ,l will wait patiently to hear the Lord speak to me…The song is a treasure…that God gives to His chosen…n thats who u are….God bless u and your ministry.Blessings and much Love.Shalom

  28. Mantebea says:

    I love this song with a passion! I learnt the words although i didnt understand what they meant. God bless you soo much for the translation.. Now i can sing in tongues and sing with the understanding…

  29. I love this song with a passion. God bless you soo much for the translation……

  30. Donald says:

    Even when i did not understand the lyrics of the song, it was constantly blessing me. Praise God

  31. Ebenezer says:

    I am always playing song because give me meaning to my everyday life

  32. angela boahene says:

    I am always inspired when i hear the song been played and never get tired listening it again and again.God bless u

  33. amparbeng says:

    I feel happy when believers join hands to worship the LORD.This song always inspire me to reach my maker.

  34. akosua says:

    am blessed,am soo happy i have the lyrics

  35. Nana says:

    Tnx so much for de translation into english. I feel blessed.

  36. Stanley Hehson says:

    all i have saying is God is the king of the universe cos every thing from god is a blessing to human being i rely like the song

  37. Anita Asare Awuku says:

    Am in love with this track. Great lyrics.

  38. mina says:

    joyous celebration,u guys are too much.i pray your cups never u all

  39. eric says:

    im in love with this song, specially sung by patrick duncan.
    just dont know where to download. just came from south africa n all the major cd shops dont have it in stock.

  40. Nemah says:

    you have no idea how much I have been looking for these lyrics.. Oh Lord bless this man…

  41. Perez says:

    I feel inspired when i listen to this song esp in the mornings when i wake up. Though i dont understand the words, i very much wanna learn the song. Thanks for the lyrics.

  42. Eliz says:

    OMG can’t believe av jst got the lyrics Thanks be to God I really love dis song Praise God.

  43. obed says:

    i really love this song. can somebody complete it for me?

  44. selasi says:

    And as God spoke to Samuel a boy, may He speak so mightily to our generation

  45. esi says:

    i luv da song n i wanna kno da whole song. kn u pls continue it 4 me? da part dat goes like kuluma, kuluma, kuluma nkosi yami, kuluma ndimamele……

    • valdie says:

      i will let you know..

      Phindukhulume moya oyingcwele

      Phindukhulume Nkosi yam

      Phindukhulume moya oyingcwele

      Phindukhulume Nkosi yam

      Ngoba zonkízono ebengizenza

      Namhla zisobala ebusweni bakho

      Phindukhulume moya oyingcwele

      Phindukhulume Nkosi yam

      Phindukhulume Thixo ndimamele

      Phindukhulume Nkosi yami

      Phindukhulume Thixo ndimamele

      Phindukhulume Nkosi yami

      Thetha nami Nkosi yam

      Namhla Nkosi yami


      Thetha naimi baba

      Khuluma, khuluma, khuluma Nkosi yam

      Ndithi khuluma nami

      Thetha name, thetha nam ndimamele

      Thetha nami Nkosi yam

      Thetha nami Jehova wami

      Thetha nami Msindisi wam

      Thetha nami Nkos


  46. muvenda says:

    ndo livhuwa nga maanda . . Ndi kale ndi khou lu toda holu luimbo. . Mudzimu a vha shudufhadze/thanks alot … I was lookin for this track for so long.

  47. muvenda says:

    ndo livhuwa nga maanda. . . Ndi kale nga maanda ndi kho u lu toda holu luimbo. . . Mudzimu a vha shudufhadze*

  48. Kweku Erskine says:

    What a song, am in spirit. God bless u

  49. i love the song. i have also been looking for the lyrics and i thank God for it. Stay blessed you all

  50. Amani says:

    This song teaches us that GOD is gracious to Us…He is a forgiving GOD who can come to us again and Forgive Us and Speak to Us….MAY GOD BE BLESSED,HE IS A WONDER TO US…Yeye BWANA ni mwema kwetu siku zote..

  51. I thank God for this ministration. GOD BLESS YOU.

  52. i luv this song cos it gives me hope that God will speak to me.amen

  53. Agyiriba says:

    this song is so touching. if God can use anything He can use us

  54. julius says:

    i heard someone play this song in a taxi 1 evening on ma way from work…i asked him to transfer the song onto ma fone,,later when i got home i played it ova and ova again till i slept,,,the next morning i played it and all i did was cry in bed for a long tym,,,,i cried and cried..i dint understand why i did but i sure knew that the Lord was speakn to me…am very blessed by this song….i would love to see a live concert or performance no matter where,,,,,

  55. Sena says:

    this song is an inspiration to me and i cant stop listening to it. thank you my LORD. Thanks for the translation.

  56. Mavis Agbenyo says:

    I love this song so much, well done

  57. Jawett says:

    i love this song,i hear Gods voice wen im listening to ths song

  58. wisdom amegashie says:

    the first time i hear dis son i was fill with de power of de holy ghost tanx u Gob for dis song

  59. Millicent says:

    This song is such an amaaazing song!I listen to this song and have been trying to get the meaning and finally…thanx

  60. joheneba says:

    Wow that’s beautiful! Thanks for publishing the lyrics together with their meanings out! Bless you!

  61. joheneba says:

    Wonderful! God bless you for the good work done!

  62. Denise says:

    This song is just amazing! It makes me yearn more and more for God! Speak to me Lord! God bless Patrick n Joyous Celebration!!

  63. nana yaa says:

    Sweet Holy Spirit!This song…it made me cry all the time.Really the spirit of the Living God has moved through it.I can tel now why i cried even without understanding.It has deepened my knowledge of how the spirit works n the power of speaking in other tongues.May God soo richly bles u Pat n ur group, n u…valdie for the translation.

  64. Eric says:

    This song touches my Spirit, Soul, and Body
    Even though at first I didn’t understand the words, it always ministered to my Spirit……..Thank you andGod Bless you.

  65. Amazing and great song with a perfect meaning. bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Ahema says:

    speak to me Lord………………..

  67. naa addo says:

    i love this song, bless you

  68. buami.seyram says:

    finally I have found it ….. I don’t like songs I don’t understand, but this song was an exception.i must confess ,its now my favorite

  69. Kwame Ennin says:

    It was tru my Awesome Dearest Wife to be I got to know this song and honestly since that day, I listen to it everyday and God bless her dearly. It feels gud to be in Christ. I am a Christian who is 4rm mother Ghana….!!! God bless every one who tuk part in the song…!!! Khuluma, Khuluma, Khuluma Nkosi yam. Ndithi Khuluma nami……..

  70. Thank you Holy Spirit for this inspiration and also to you Pat n your group for this song which the Holy Spirit inspired you to bring into the life of His children. Thank you Valdie for helping us understand the song. God bless you. Speak through this song to me Lord…….

  71. Angiel says:

    I`m realy touched and blessed with this song. I love it great deal.

  72. Tsatsu Hayford says:

    Am so greatful,cos i now know the translation of the song.God bless u.

  73. Priscilla says:

    wheanever someone sings this song, it touches me so much. so i thought it would be wise for me to get the music and as time went on, i fell in love with the song. so i began to search for the lyrics. ah indeed, i have finally had what i wanted. God bless you for your touching music.

  74. Priscilla says:

    whenever someone sings this song, it touches me so much. so i thought it would be wise for me to get the music and as time went on, i fell in love with the song. so i began to search for the lyrics. ah indeed, i have finally had what i wanted. God bless you for your touching music.

  75. Victor says:

    Thanks and God bless so so much for this ministration. Can you please translate the rest of the song into English for me.

  76. Thanks for this wonderful translation. not only do like love this song it also ministers to me. GOD BLESS YOU.

  77. tori says:

    i really love the song. thank u so much for the translation.may God bless u.

  78. Ofori-Ata says:

    I am teaching my congregation today. Praise the Lord

  79. Tony mckybarf says:

    Love this song. Masterpiece and the vocals are just perfect.

  80. Naa Shika says:

    I thank God, for your life for this song and above all blessing my day with the lyrics and interpretation. God bless you.

  81. maame adwoa says:


  82. Seyram Akpah says:

    Thanks so so so much for the lyrics and translation. God bless you

  83. cyndy kafui kuadz..... gh. says:

    thank you very much cos i ve been looking for the lyrics very much.

  84. maame says:

    God bless u. am going through a difficult tym in ma lyf and dis song just soothes my spirit.

  85. i love this song. because it controls me and me cry whenever i hear this song.

  86. Edem joe says:

    I’m so grateful to God for granting the church to have a spirit orienting and uplifting song like this.God bless u Bro patrick and the JC crew for availing yourself for God to use.i luv u so much!

  87. david says:

    thank God finally i got it i will continue to praise me maker may his name be praised AMEN!!!!

  88. cedric says:

    and about khuluma?? what it’s the meaning of

  89. bismarksam says:

    this song is soo touching

  90. EBEN says:

    I luv this track.

  91. kwame senator says:

    When I lost myself within the life race, this song provides the sense of direction. The lyric has helped a lot. Could now sing and listen the whole day

  92. obeng says:

    your song have been a blessing to me and my wife, God bless you u guys and continue to give you more of this songs for us.

  93. Abigail says:


  94. Wornyo selorm says:

    Am happy to have met this lyrics at last. Thanks to the one who made this happen. GOD bless you

  95. dru says:

    the best south african song ive ever heard

  96. James says:

    God bless bless bless bless you. I’m being ministered to by the song this new year.

  97. nmai jerry says:

    thank you so much for the lyrics. this song is so inspiring. it tells mi how much God loves

  98. Iykenna says:

    the moment I heard this song, I knew it was a blessing. God bless you real good

  99. EwuraEsi says:

    God bless who wrote this song nd i believe it is a holy spirit inspire song it makes cry any tym im listen to dnt know why
    Thank u for the Translation God bless u

  100. EwuraEsi says:

    God bless who wrote this song nd i believe it is a holy spirit inspire song it makes me cry any tym i listen to it and i dnt know why
    Thank u for the Translation God bless u

  101. Sally in ksi Ghana says:

    bless u guys that was simply an amazing peice so great. keep de fire burning.

  102. priscy eyram says:


  103. priscy eyram says:

    oh God is sooo gracious. dis song reli is food for the soul i was fillefd with tears and the spirit of God. i song really touches the heart and heals our pains draws us closer to God. i was listenin and in tears till i felt asleep yet still its in me my soul God spoke to me tru dis song. God richly bless you guys for de translation.God bless u soo much for de song love you guys soo much esp. Patrick

  104. Mavis Nyarko says:

    Pls i need some 1 2 do me d favour of sendin me the lyrics both in swahily & english cos i need it soo badly.

  105. michael says:

    am soo in love with this song and didnt understand but now i do thanks to you

  106. Ruby says:

    really luv dis song. @ long last,i’ve found de lyrics.

  107. Joseph says:

    May bless u for such a spiritual song……

  108. Christbone says:

    Can someone whatsapp me this song in zulu language- o come to the father (this is my number +233548733379) I’m a Ghanian

  109. Gabby says:

    I am blessed by this song, and God bless you Patrick for puting this together.

  110. Maud says:

    i have been looking for the meaning of this song for a while now thanks alot i just love it

  111. Festus FaskD says:

    thank you for these lyrics. i have been searching for these lyrics for some time now

  112. TEPE John says:


  113. Derrick Dampson says:

    I really thank God for how far He has brought me.
    This song has really transformed my life and through that i’m able to distinguish between God’s voice and that of the evil one.
    God bless u for making this song a spectacular one.

  114. Chykie boafo says:

    Wow! I have been singing this song for almost 2ys without knowing d meaning. I can now sing wel cos i undestand it now. God bles u

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